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Stranger´s shore (eBook, ePUB)
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Little Danila goes to boarding school. His mother, a drug addict, died when he was young, his father was repeatedly imprisoned for theft. Studying at school is not given, teachers and children do not like him for his scandalous nature. The boy cannot find his own soul mate, the one who will truly become his own person who understands him, therefore, he behaves extremely aggressively with teachers and peers. His disappointment in people is enormous, because his experience in life is too bitter. Years of study passed quickly. Father is in prison again. A part of the common house, which belonged to the father and son, was sold by the aunt, deceiving relatives. The guy has few friends. He, like his father, is prone to theft. But the fact that he will be corrected, his girlfriend Mila, a favorite teacher and the principal, believe. After all, in the world there is kindness, acceptance and understanding, even if you don´t expect them ...

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